Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Marie - Scripture (part one)

My first letter must be on Scripture. In part of our discussion you mentioned your hesitation to believe that scripture is truly Gods word, and that it is indeed inerrant. You said that there are many contradictions in the bible, and questioned the validity of it.  Before we go any further, this must be addressed. The reason it must be addressed is because if we don’t meet on the basis and agreement of God’s word, then we have no basis to agree for any of the other letters I will write.

First, you mentioned that it’s ok and if scripture isn’t completely god’s word because you just live to know, serve, and love Jesus and God. This statement alone is a very dangerous statement and actually is a contradictory statement or oxymoron. You can’t love God, know God, learn about God or be in relationship with God unless he has given us something in which teaches us how to love, serve know and be in relationship with him. You can’t know and love God unless having a foundation in which we know it to be true. If the bible is only partly God’s word and not entirely we cant be sure that we could ever even come close to knowing God.

Is it fair to say that if God is God who created everything he can do anything?

Is it fair to say, that if God is God who created all and can do all, that he can use his creation for his purposes? And if we are his creations can’t he use us to speak his truth?

Is it fair to say that if God is God then is he capable of giving us His word that is absolutely truthful and absolutely inerrant?

Is it fair to say that if God is God, who created all and wants to be in relationship with us, he would give us a means with which to know him?

Is it fair to say that if God is God, who created all and can do all and is the God who never changes, then would he not set a standard of knowing him that is equally unchanging?

…I hope so.

Before we dig into this together I want to set a few preliminary thoughts:

1. We have to agree on scriptures authority before we move any further. Though we cannot comprehend and understand every single thing in the bible that does not mean that it is not true. The bible tells us things about God that are gloriously true but way beyond our ability to understand.as we approach the bible, everything that we find has to be taken at face value, believe it because God has revealed it to be true and it’s in the bible, though we will never fully understand, we will be tempted to say I can’t embrace it or ill just dismiss it. If we don’t dismiss it but wrestle and take God at his word, we will grow and mature
2. We cannot put God in a box. God is God, and we are not. God is big, we are small. God is infinite,  we are finite, God is creator, we are creation. Though he is Knowable, we can never fully fathom and comprehend him.  Though God has broad shoulders and can more then handle our questions and concerns, I urge you not to Judge God.
3. I am going to do my best to try to prove to you evidence of scriptures authority, though the reality is that it is going to take some faith. Not blind faith, but faith none the less. One does not walk on the glass floor of the CN tower without first trusting that it is truthfully safe. However upon taking that step of faith one sees that what was claimed to be true is true. Though this analogy has its flaws and is not a perfect representation of scriptural truth. It serves the best that my huge head but tiny brain can come up with.

Here we go.