Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Marie.

I have decided to write a series of blog posts concerning the discussions we had the other night. These Blogs will be lengthy and very detailed and perhaps overwhelming at times. A few other brothers and friends of mine, who are equally committed to truth and the Gospel, have willingly agreed to aid me in writing these posts. 

As you read the posting please be reminded that I am not writing out of pride or arrogance, or because I want to voice my opinion. To be honest I don't care for opinions; mine or anyone else’s. I don't care about what people think or what people feel. I care only about truth. Jesus said "I am the truth"(jn14:6) Truth is important. Truth is foundational. If we don't have truth, we have nothing.
I am writing this out of love, truth and grace. I would not commit long hours to studying and writing if I did not love you. I do love you and I do care for you. You are my sister. I would die for you.  You are my friend. You are the very precious daughter of a very great king; who has died for you. Therefore I will commit very long hours to studying and to writing.

The discussions we had fill me with many different emotions. I am filled with sadness, anger and drive. I am sad because you do not have a clear picture of the nature and character of your maker. To be honest, your theology is distorted and this places you in danger of falling astray. In order to love, trust, hope and believe and be in proper relationship with Christ, we must have a correct understanding of his nature, character and of his gospel.

 I am filled with anger because it upsets me when truth is not taught. We live in a society where the Gospel and the Nature and Character of God, is assumed; therefore it is not taught because it is not known. Because of my love for Christ and for his people, it frustrates me that his nature and character, his gospel, and his word is not preached and taught accurately and truthfully.
 It also fills me with drive because I refuse to let it endure. I refuse to let my maker, my God, and my savior’s truth not be proclaimed. It fills me with drive because I refuse to just sit around and watch false and bad teaching continue. It drives me to truth. I refuse do anything less than helping my sister see and come to that truth. I could be a passive coward like my father Adam; were you not my sister and were it not that I love you. However, I have a true and better father, Christ, who is neither passive nor a coward, and he calls me to be in likeness of himself. Therefore if Christ is of truth and gave his life, that his truth might be proclaimed, I must tell you the truth, as is. Because I love Christ, I love truth, and I love you.

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