Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Genesis: the book of beginnings.

It is the beginning of the story of God. In the Story we see God as creator, and man as fallen creation. Through Adams sin of ommison and failing to lead well, relationship with God, and each other is broken. Man turned his back on God and wanted to be worshipped as creator rather than to worship as Creation. He chose the path of sin, satan, death and hell. God could have accepted it, and been completely content in fellowship with the Trinity(1.26,33.22. 11.7) but the story does not end there. As much as he is Holy, and Just, He is also compassionate, merciful, and gracious towards his children. He makes them a promise. God will send a man(Jesus), from whom all nations will be blessed(Gen12.2) and who Satan will physically harm, but he will ultimately crush. Through out the rest of the book we see the continual failures and short comings of his people. We see the depravity and wickedness of man. And we see that sin is deep but Gods grace is deeper.

Jesus is everywhere in Genesis and I look forward to studying the rest of the Old Testament and seeing the amazing portrait of who he is.

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