Tuesday, February 8, 2011

do we get it?

I recently over heard a conversation while studying in a coffee shop. It disturbed and upset me. Two "christians" were discussing a mind set that so many people in our era have. They were saying how Christianity is all about getting to heaven (or escaping from hell)
There is a lot of confusion and ignorance in this mindset.This is not True Christianity.The point of Christianity, of Christs coming, isn't to save us from hell. Let me say that again.The point of Christs coming isnt to save us from hell it is to bring us back in relationship with the Father.

If God is this Holy and pure thing, and we aren't, there is a force of separation, and an incompatibility, therefore we can never be together. We turned our backs from him, decided we wanted to go our own way leading and choosing the path of sin, satan and destruction .He could have left us that way. If that's what we chose that's what we get; but he didn't. Jesus comes and lives the life we did not live, dies the death we we should have died, and gives the gift we can not earn. Gods holy, we're holy and now we can join together. The point of Christianity isn't to save us from hell, its to bring us back in relationship as it always was meant to be.  Now we get to know God, see God, understand God, be in relationship with God. So many "christians" miss this. I don't want to miss it, and I don't want you to either.

do we get it?


  1. That's right... If getting to heaven was the only reason Christ saved us, we'd drop dead at the moment of Salvation and wing our way home to Him :)
    You're the man!