Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adam, Jason, Jenn and Orlando; Hold fast and Endure for the sake of the promise.

To my brothers and sister in Christ; 
Adam Blanchfield, Jason Hunt, Jennifer Knight and Orlando Barrera,

Over a year ago, I was challenged to read the bible in its entirety in the short time of 90 days. I accepted and began to eat up the scriptures, reading relentlessly for hours  feasting on the word of God. As I read, His word started to become alive to me, in and through my life. Seventy days later, I had read the entire bible in chronological order; Genesis through to Revelation.  

I came away from that time a changed man; something significant happened: God had melted my cold, dead heart, given me a new regenerated heart and opened my eyes to see truth about His nature and character, the world, sin, His Son and of His Gospel. I realized that though I am more wicked and terrible then I could ever fear or know, God loves me more then I could ever hope or dream. I began to see the beauty of Christ.

It brings me joy that you also have begun your own journey. I am ecstatic that you are going to dedicate 90 days and commit to racing through to get the "big picture" of the most epic and beautiful story ever told; the Story of God.

I am excited to see and hear how God grows you in this next season of life.  I pray that God opens your heart for what he has for you. That he gives you a hunger and thirst for His word. I pray that he meets with you in a very real and transforming way.

This is WILL NOT be an easy task. It will require discipline and endurance.
There will be times when you are reading and just want to quit.There will be times where you just want to skip ahead, or procrastinate. There will be times that you will want to make up excuses to get out of your reading.
God has a gift for you. An infinitely valuable gift—his word. Receive it. Hold it fast. Give yourself to it.

Endure for the sake of the promise.


  1. Oh man! I want to do this... but gosh. Last time I tried to read it in 90 days, it took 11 months;) Glad you're still blogging, friend.

  2. Hey, I'm a friend of Adam's. We went to Capernwray together, and I just want to tell you how inspirational and encouraging this is to me... I've been working on reading through the bible for a long time... far too long, letting school and friends and anything else get in the way, nibbling away at it once in a while. I realize that because of my lack of dedication and failure to soak in God's word, I continually fall further back to sin and complacency. Sometimes I wonder why God seems so distant, and why I don't feel Him like I used to, and it's obvious now that it's me who is pushing Him back. This was a very powerful message for me, so thank you very much... God Bless you!