Friday, July 15, 2011

Emmaus School of Biblical Studies.

In one month. Rylan Auger and I head to Lake Lure, North Carolina to Emmaus School of Biblical Studies; a nine month program,which will require digging deep and inductively studying Gods word in its entirety

I am excited for this next season in life, and even more excited to be journeying it with a good friend and brother. It's going to be challenging, require a ton of discipline and study. Nonetheless we are excited and ready for this opportunity.

We just ordered sick genuine Leather ESV's. Before next June, these new bibles will be well read and well marked up. These will probably be the bibles we use for the rest of our lives.

below is a exert from our acceptance letters.

"...Know that you are coming to a gospel focussed community, meaning that we really do try to live life understanding that what Jesus did for us is WAY more important then what WE do for him. Good deeds are done BECAUSE of Gods love for us in CHRIST, and not to earn his love. That's the tone of our community, its the focus of our discipleship and it permeates the culture you are coming into.

The last thing I will mention by way of introduction to the program is this: The 9 month program is challenging and WILL REQUIRE COMMITMENT AND DISCIPLINE to keep studying. In some ways it is like turning a fire-hose full blast trying to take a sip. We are going to race through the entire bible in 9 months, which is a high bar to jump. Typically we see students studying a minimum of 6-8 hrs/day 6 days a week. That's a marathon, and not always easy, but SO worth it. Nonetheless it takes resolve, and a heart to press in and keep studying. in many ways its a year unlike any other year you'll ever experience, but the rewards for the hard work put in here pay dividends for a lifetime"

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