Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It is a cold, harsh January day and I am sitting in Natas café (downtown Peterborough)with nine days to go. This time last year I had been waiting for several months to hear a response back from the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Germany. I had applied in September of 2008 and had kind of given up on the idea of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in September of ‘09.

A new semester of school was closing - which meant the rugby tour was drawing nearer (March) and by the time the tour had rolled around I was broke. YWAM wasn’t looking too promising - even if I did get accepted - how could raise the entire tuition by September? So I decided that I was going to return to school for another rugby season and figure out college or university then.

In May I received an email from YWAM -- I was accepted. Almost 5 months before I was to leave I had no money. I prayed and asked God to shine his light on the path that he wanted me to go. I would return to school for another year if there was no clear path.

Less then a week later I received another email from the staff at YWAM saying that they were postponing the course until January. I took that as a clear sign from God. It was going to be tough because in July I became unemployed and only had a few hundred dollars saved.

Six months following my acceptance into the YWAM DTS program I am now amazed and awed. I sit here seeing His glory revealed!

God has fully provided more than enough for my DTS (he blessed me with several jobs when most people couldn’t even find one). He has blessed me with a strong Church (Auburn Bible Chapel), He has put awesome families and friends in my life who have challenge and encouraged me, and He has taught me more about myself these months I ever thought possible.

During this time He has taught (and continues to teach) me what it is to me a man of God and what true masculinity really is. He is refining me to become that man of God he has called me to be, he has challenged me to step up, man up and grow up. It has being an awesome time.

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