Sunday, January 24, 2010


In one of our classes we talked about worship and what it really means
to love and follow God. I am reminded that worship isn’t something
that I do to get something back, to feel a certain way, or because he
tells me to. I worship the one true God because he deserves it.

I am not the person I once was, I am a new creation and its "by the grace of God,I am what I am". He has freed me. Its only through him, and I praise him for that. I worship him because I love him; I love him because he loved me first. "While you were still sinners, Christ gave himself up for you”. Not only has he freed me, he continues to free me daily. Although I slap him in the face in my rebellion he forgives me, teaches me and grows me, because he loves me and continues to love me more than I can ever know.

Although I go through times of sorrow, the Lord is my comforter. Though I go through times of trial, the Lord will direct me. When I stumble and fall the Lord will pick me up, and when I sit in darkness the Lord will be my light. During all these times I will continue to worship him because I am confident in him. I am confident in him because he overcame the world and he has suffered -- and He says that I will suffer, so I will. He has experienced every kind of temptation and trial. He knows what I’m going through.

I will worship him with my life because he deserves it. I will do all I can, for as long as I can, to become all that I can as worship to him. Whether it is an idol, a thought or temptation, I will hold it captive, it will be crucified, as worship to him. Picking up my cross every single morning, and dying to myself daily - that is my worship.


  1. Another good post! You're the man!

  2. Chance! Can I share this at our 'Worshiping Artist' study brunch this Sunday?!? It will be like you are right here with us. Praying for you. Have a great weekend. love, DJ.