Monday, February 8, 2010

Just great.

Tonight Amy- the australian (left) and Tianna- the american (right) made me dinner; one of the best since I arrived. A great tasting lasagne, a green mixed salad, ice cream, lemon cake, and of coarse my favorite; fanta. It was delicious, and unexpected. Last week Amy said to me "Chance,Tianna and I are going to cook for you on monday". I wasn't going to argue. Tianna is Amys One On One, and they decided to make me dinner during their time together... just awesome.(If youre not sure what one on ones are,take a look at my earlier posts)


  1. Well we know you're not starving anyway...We took a vote this week and You're the man!

  2. Cliff.. we both know you are the man. quit trying to be humble and deal with it