Saturday, February 6, 2010

This week has been super exciting, yet super exhausting. I am glad the weekend is here. This week's learning was about "The Character and Nature of God".It has been very challenging and a super blessing. I am learning a ton and am excited to see what God is doing. This week we also chose our "mini" outreach locations. With the option of Turkey, Romania or Hungary. I prayed about it and feel called to Turkey so in March I will be flying there with a small group of other students. Im not sure what God has for us yet, but im sure its something awesome.

At 8:30 this morning I got onto a bus with nine other students and went into Zittau (a small city about twenty minutes from our base). It is a beautiful, old city much like the rest of Europe; small streets, old churches, roads made out of different kinds of rock.

The reason I went to Zittau was to get a pair of glasses. I've always had bad eyes but never wanted to wear glasses. Because I've been reading a ton every day, and looking up a the front during lectures, I've realized how much I really do need glasses. So, in Zittau today, I had my eyes checked and a prescription filled. Surprisingly, a pair of glasses and prescription is only going to cost 17 euros -- which is crazy cheap compared to Peterborough. I pick them up next weekend.

After we returned home, we were all pretty exhuasted and everyone went their own way. I read my bible from Genesis 26-40.

Every weekend the students are in charge of cooking the meals and tonight was my night to cook. So at 4pm, Amy, an awesome australian, and I began to cook curry and rice for 40 people. The food turned out fantastic(!) but now i smell like curry.

Tomorrow I will sleep in and do some more reading through Genesis(40-50) and maybe listen to a sermon by Mark Driscoll... we'll see.

I hope you are doing awesome. I've been thinking and praying about everyone back home.

My official progress for reading the bible in 3 months:
Gen 1-22, Job, Gen 22-40... so far so good, I'm on track.

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