Monday, February 15, 2010

This week's guest speaker is a lot like Jeff Pascoe: loud, passionate, and moves around. The topic today was "Hearing God's Voice" -- a topic that is so essential and important.

Basically David (the speaker) shared that hearing God's voice isn’t a gift that we are born with but instead is something that has to be built up. He went on to explain that hearing His voice is like a muscle. You cant just start lifting 200 pounds -- you start small and work your way up. The idea is that the more we use muscles, the more they can lift. In the same way, the more we listen to what God has to say, the easier it becomes to distinguish His voice.

Too much of the time (or all of it) we talk to God. We never actually allow room for a two way conversation. The thing I loved about today was that David didn’t just say how important it is to hear Gods voice, but he actually taught us HOW to hear his voice.

I’ve heard so many times that hearing God speak is important -- but I have rarely been told how it can be done. The rest of this week's topics are on the Holy Spirit but David wisely thought he should cover this before we got into that. To put learning into practice, I am going to begin really listening to God. Step one: give God the opportunity to speak.

How many times do I pray and finish without even listening to see if God has something to say. This week I will listen as much as a speak. Every minute of talk I'll listen for one minute.

This past weekend I picked up my glasses from Zitau. I'm not sure if I like them


  1. "He who has ears let him hear"...Cool glasses! Now you're the man with glasses!

  2. I like them Chance... you look distinguished.

  3. Dude. You're totally Clark Kent.