Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time to get serious.

Yesterday we started a new lecture on “the Character and Nature of God”.

The guest speaker, Rob Westwood, challenged us to read the entire bible within 12, 6, or 3 months. He emphasized that in order to get a glimpse of Gods true nature and character, we must search the scriptures. Much of the time, a person's ideas about God are opinion rather than biblical truth! We in the western world seem to often think of God from how we’d want him to be rather than who he really is; and then when we are faced with a tough question which challenges our understanding of God's nature or character, we have no idea where to begin: because our view of Him isn’t accurate.

I’ve decided that I am going to commit to reading all 1189 chapters of the Bible. Instead of reading them as they are presented I'll actually read the bible as a story, in chronological order. It should take me 3 months to complete (that's 13 chapters a day). About 80 hours. Yesterday I started and read to the end of Genesis 13. Today I read Genesis 13-22 and furthered on to job 1-4. The plan is to finish before my birthday in May. There is a lot of free time here at the castle, and I need to begin to fill my time with more of God's word. Pray for me as a embark on this commitment; that I keep my eyes on the prize, avoid excuses, distractions and procrastination. Its time to get serious.


  1. Yah... get serious eh! After all...You're the man!

  2. You know what? That's a great idea, Chance. How often do I go to the Bible when I have something on my mind rather than let it simply speak on its own into my heart? or just read it cover to cover in the order presented?

    I might copy your stylez, C.

    I need something to fill this reading hole that the LSAT has left in my evenings.